TWEEN Friday with Friends- October

On the agenda for October:

We will continue to learn about our tween brain, and how it affects our learning and emotions. We will review 3 parts of our brain (the Amygdala, the Hippocampus, and the Prefontal Cortex) as well as their corresponding yoga poses. Our breath practice will center around the superhero pose. We will learn how standing in this power pose for two minutes increases feelings of confidence.

We will discuss visualization, and how it can help us achieve our goals. Using Michael Phelps as an example, we will brainstorm ways we can use visualization to succeed in all areas of our lives.

We will choose an adjective that we would like to embody, and do some mirror work with that description word. Looking in the mirror, we will declare, "I am ______!"

For craft time, we will make mosaic mirrors. Each piece of mosaic will be a placeholder for a dream we have for ourselves. At home, these mirrors will serve as a reminder of what we want to accomplish, and can be used to pratice mirror work.

Our making friends activity will center on how to show interest in a friend, without being an octopus friend. We will role play various scenarios, and discuss how to appropriately respond to common friendship dilemmas.

In addition, we will pratice all the skills we've already learned: 1. Using names2. Asking questions 3. Giving honest compliments 4. Becoming a detective, and looking for social cues

We will end the evening with some community building activties that will allow us to practice our new friendship skills.

Parenting Tip:

Read aloud to your child daily, and incorporate nonfiction into the mix to spark discussion.

I know all the benfits to reading aloud to my kids, but I still go weeks at a time without fitting it in. One thing that has helped is to have a teen interest magazine at the table. The articles are short, and I can read one within minutes when we sit down to a meal. On the best days, the article sparks discussion over dinner. Recently, I've been reading "Teen Breathe" magazine. I give an option of 3 articles, and the girls choose one for me to read.

Your kiddos were fascinated last month when we discussed Michael Phelps, and how he used visualization to win gold medals. Below are a few articles you may want to print out and read to your child. Perhaps it will spark a discussion on mindfulness, achieving our goals, and deepen your connection. Happy reading!

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