The Growth Mindset

Brain Talk

When we were kids, intelligence was thought to be fixed. Now research shows that intelligence continues to develop throughout our lives. This is great news, because it means we can continue to improve and learn throughout our lives. Even if we don't consider ourselves to be "good" at math, reading, art, etc., we can develop any skill we want by understanding that whenever we pratice any skill, we become better at it. We will learn that when we make mistakes (and perhaps our perfectionistic thoughts take over), we can actually celebrate the mistake, instead of letting it defeat us, because each time we make a mistake we are learning and developing skills in that area.

Making Friends

We will discuss how the GROWTH MINDSET can help us build and develop friendships. Specifically, we will discuss how to navigate conflict with friends, and how to practice speaking up without harming our friendships. We will revisit the idea of "THINK before you speak," with respect to discussing a conflict with our friend.

We will breakout into groups to pratice conflict resolution by acting out various scenarios that can be common among tweens and teens.

Meditation and Yoga

We will bring the GROWTH MINDSET to our meditation practice by noticing that we are becoming better at quieting our minds each time we stop to pratice mindful breathing. We will continue to practice breathing with longer exhales to calm our minds.  We will bring GROWTH MINDSET to our mats, by noticing that we continue to develop our poses each time we take the time to practice them.


Our craft time will allow us to socialize and chat, while enjoying creative expression. This month we will be creating neurographic art. All that is needed is paper, a black marker, and tape (optional).

At Home

You can help your child develop a growth mindset by modeling how you celebrate your mistakes, and the fact that you are learning with each one. You can talk about grit, and how it helps to determine success. Perhaps you want to watch this TedTalk with your tween or teen, and discuss how you each might develop your own grit.

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