TEEN Friday with Friends- October

On the agenda for October:

We will continue to learn about our teen brain, and how it affects our learning and emotions. We will discuss how posture affects our brain and emotions.

We will pratice breathing in Wonder Woman Pose and will discuss how standing in this power pose for 2 minutes can increase positive feelings, such as confidence.

We will review the yoga poses we learned last month, and reflect upon how yoga helps us to to be mindful and aware of the present moment. We will learn a short meditation called the "Three Minute Breathing Space."

We will discuss how the two core fears of not being good enough and not getting enough can keep us from reaching for what we want to achieve. We will look at recent negative events we've encountered and discern which fear was in play. We will discuss how knowing the fear that we are experiencing can make it easier to reach for a better thought.

Upon request, we will make body scrub. We will discuss how we can scrub off the old insecurities we have and choose something better, again and again, in the present moment.

Our friendship skill will center around knowing what we each bring to the table. We will use a picnic metaphor to discuss how our unique talents make for a deliciously diverse feast. We will explore how knowing our strengths can help us win friends and influence people. We will also discuss how no one person is an island, and we are not meant to be great at everything. We are meant to be a village- each contributing our own special talents to the whole, for the greater good.

We will end the evening with some community building activties and partner yoga poses that will allow us to practice our new friendship skills.

Parenting Tip:

Label your fears in front of your child, to model how to remain mindful and present when experiencing a negative emotion.

The theory I'm exploring this month is that there are only two emotions- love and fear. And when we experience a negative feeling, we are actually fearful of something. Furthermore, according to this theory, there are only two core fears: the fear that we aren't good enough and the fear that we will not get enough (scarcity mentality). Playing with this philosophy has been so eye-opening, and I've been making it a point to speak these insights aloud, so that my girls can hear my inner dialogue regarding my fears. (By the way, I am surprised to find that my fear is almost always that I will not get enough time or respect...something I'm chewing on and evaluating silently.) When I snap at the girls because we're running late, I then note that I got scared; scared of not getting enough time to do all that I need to do today. My hope is that in walking the walk, I will model daily mindfulness and the process of moving into and through our emotions rather than stuffing them down.

Here are some articles about the two core fears. Perhaps you'd like to print them out and read them aloud to your teen, to discuss whether or not you agree with this theory? We've been doing this over dinner a couple of times a week, and are enjoying it. We are also reading from the "Teen Breathe" magazine, which I keep at the table to remind me to read aloud when the opportunity arises.




And here's the TedTalk about how standing in power poses empowers us! https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_shapes_who_you_are?language=en

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