Friendship BINGO!

We're all still safe at home, but many of us (especially my teens) are feeling the lonliness of being away from friends for this long. In an effort to give my girls a way to connect and socialize from a distance, I created this bingo card for them to complete in May.

I got the idea from the self care bingo cards that have been popping up on social media. I've enjoyed playing bingo with self care, so why not with making connections with friends? In fact, I plan to complete this friendship bingo on my own this month, as well!

I created this bingo card by adding friendship building activities we have learned in FwF. I also wanted to be sure and honor all the learning styles, so I included visual, musical, verbal, kinesthetic, and logical/mathematical activities. In addition, I tried to honor both extroverts and introverts when creating the exercises.

Find the printable PDFs here:

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